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Buried Secrets (New Adult Dark Suspense Romance) - Fido Publishing I love romantic suspense novels and Buried Secrets, Emme Rollins’s latest book, delivers on both ends. She also adds a touch of a paranormal twist to the mix to spice things up.

Buried Secrets takes place in the small town of Larkspur, Michigan. So small in fact that it doesn’t even have its own high school or local paper. Needless to say when Nick Chandler is found murdered in the graveyard, his sister Dusty knows there’s more to the story. Questioning his friends gets her nowhere but she can tell they’re hiding something by the look in their eyes. Seeking solace in Nick’s best friend, Shane Curtis, she soon can’t fight her feelings for him any longer. After a weekend of bliss, Dusty, high on emotions, confronts Shane about the night of her brother’s murder and he unravels a story even he still can’t believe.

I have a love-hate relationship with Dusty. She’s stubborn and short-tempered, which makes me love her and hate her at the same time. These traits clouded her judgement and kept her from seeking what she really wanted, however it also led her to the truth about her brother’s murder and Shane. Speaking of Shane, he is the town’s bad boy, or so everyone thinks. Granted he’s had his fair share of trouble, but not everything is black and white with Shane. In fact, Nick tries to explain this to Dusty the night of his death but she won’t listen. If only he had told her the truth from the beginning, maybe she would have looked at Shane differently.

The start of the book was a little slow for me. Everything revolved around Nick’s death and his funeral, and nothing was really going on. I was a little confused by Dusty’s suspicions of his death at first because there was nothing to go on except that he wasn’t supposed to be in the graveyard. Things finally start coming together when Shane and Dusty start working together. Their romance blossoms and the suspense following Nick’s death is finally revealed. There were actually a couple of clues that you might miss if not thinking about it and it was pretty interesting to read the end result.

Fans of new adult and romantic suspense will enjoy this mysterious tale. There isn’t too much paranormal to it until the very end so that shouldn’t interfere but if you’re looking for something full of the supernatural, this might not be for you.

I received a copy of this book, at no charge to me, in exchange for my honest review.