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Plum Deadly - Ellie Grant Plum Deadly is the newest addition to Jim and Joyce Lavene’s books. Although this is the first I have read of any of their works, when I was invited to participate in a tour, I couldn’t turn it down. I am starting to really get into these cozy mysteries because they are so lighthearted and fun.

After being falsely accused of embezzlement Maggie Grady flees back home to her aunt Clara. While trying to rebuild her reputation, Maggie works at the family business, Pie in the Sky. When her ex-boss, Lou, confronts her with knowledge that can clear her name, she’s ecstatic. Unfortunately for both of them, Maggie finds his body behind the shop before he can release the information. Now, not only does she have to clear her name of theft, she has to prove to everyone she’s not a murderer either.

Maggie is such a wonderful character. Even though she is down on her luck, she is very sweet and kindhearted, especially to aunt Clara. I really liked aunt Clara too. She had such a positive personality and always saw the good in everything. She also liked to play matchmaker, which led to Maggie’s relationship with Ryan Summerour, a local reporter. Although he and Maggie get off on the wrong foot, things soon get heated after a surprise kiss goodnight. What I liked the most about Ryan was that he never used Maggie. She wasn’t just another story to him.

This author duo has definitely got it going on. Together they have built a pleasant little town with touching characters. I haven’t really grasped the concept of how this team might work but you would never know it was more than one voice. Everything flowed beautifully from beginning to end at just the right rate.

I would recommend this lighthearted novel to anyone who enjoys curling up with a nice, cozy story. Did I mention that it also includes recipes? That’s right! You can make the same pies that Maggie and aunt Clara made in the shop. So gather up your baking supplies, get out your favorite blanket and enjoy the treat of both this loving story and the yummy pie.

I received a copy of this book, at no charge to me, in exchange for my honest review.