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Dr. Pepper Diva

My passions include home cooked meals, Dr. Pepper, cosmetics and beauty, reading and rock music, especially 80s rock. I will be the first to admit that I am not the best cook in the world but I try my best and do what I can. I am doing better but the simpler the better for me.

The Firm

The Firm - John Grisham I’ve always been a big mystery fan and you can’t read mysteries without knowing John Grisham. I fell in love with his legal thrillers after reading only one of his books and made a vow to read all of his work. While I enjoyed the first two I’ve read, this one was a letdown.

Everything worked. The story, the characters, the writing. I just couldn’t seem to get into it. To be honest, I felt kind of bored reading it. I don’t know if there wasn’t enough action, the way everything was presented or what. Maybe it was just me. I almost made this a DNF but I decided to push through it and see if it got better. Unfortunately, it didn’t.